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Join us and you will join a revolutionary change that is the need of the hour for British Columbia. We in BC have been through it all. We have seen ups and downs, we have seen it good and seen it bad. We have seen a balanced budget and we have seen millions of dollars in deficit. Now is the time to get together and make this change happen. This change is called BC Vision. Vote for BC Vision and vote for a positive change. A change that will give our children a beautiful and prosperous future that we all envision. We need direction in today’s volatile world. One vision….One world creates a world where there is equality in all spheres of life for all humanbeings.

    BC Vision is a visionary party that creates an equal platform for all. We bring forward the best interest of the province while working  hard in each constituency. We believe firmly that there is no “I” in team. Team work creates strength and strength creates success.

BC's Voice and BC's Choice!

Elect Jag Bhandari! 

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