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1. What is your connection to Kelowna? What have you contributed to the community?

My connection to the Okanagan is the Real Estate office I've opened up here, and have had running for over 2 years. I have lived in BC for more than two decades. I have been actively involved with the community at many different levels. I have been a teacher, actor, mentor and a businessman simultaneously in this area. I have trained and mentored over 2000 real estate representatives, sub mortgage brokers and insurance brokers from all age groups and ethnicities.  I have participated in many different nonprofit events and helped the community at large. I can bridge the gap between rich and poor whilst using virtual technology to enhance their day to day living.

I firmly believe that I can make a huge difference if I am given the opportunity to serve my fellow citizens.


2. What is your vision of how West-Kelowna will look in four years? What is the provincial government’s role in this vision and how are you prepared to make it happen?

West-Kelowna is at a crossroad right now. I am prepared to work hard and bring all of the essential changes. In four years, West-Kelowna has the potential to be the most important business hub and the foremost important area in British Columbia, considering location, resources and population, and I'm going to make sure that happens. I will work hard with the Provincial Government and the Federal Government to channelize their energies and efforts to make West-Kelowna the center of their investment. West Kelowna is where the future begins and West-Kelowna is where change is bound to happen.


3. Notwithstanding your Party’s position, are you prepared to strongly advocate for this area so our concerns are brought forward? What are your plans to accomplish this?

Most definitely! I totally realize the challenges we face. Change is what we need here and I am standing in elections to make this change happen. The wait for the betterment of this area has been an agonizing one. Transportation, education, more facilities for our youth, sports and cultural facilities exist but they're not enough. We need to channelize more resources towards this area to improve the quality of life here and have a better future for the kids.

4. How is your party going to deal with education (k-12), particularly an inequitable funding model and concerns with capital and operating funding?

Education is the backbone to the society. The problem is that the current government is not putting enough resources into education. A large part of resources are being squandered away. These resources need to be utilized better, and more emphasis needs to be given to education, particularly higher education. Many other countries have been devoting a large part of their resources to higher education and hence are now attracting jobs and businesses to invest. Education is how we can support our future and I strongly believe that education is what the future of our society hinges on. Kids and parents alike have to be made to realize that education is the way for a successful society. I would hold workshops within the community and bring about awareness to the youth and would have incentives in place to make sure that more and more kids remain in school and continue with further education.

5. Transportation is a big problem in West-Kelowna. The funding and governance model is not working. What are you prepared to do differently?

Transportation is definitely on the top of my agenda. The governance model is definitely failing us. While

Financial resources are being wasted in areas that are insignificant, our residents are suffering because of the lack of transportation. I would encourage car-pooling and encourage companies to have more offices in West-Kelowna via virtual offices and hence eliminate the need to commute to other parts of the Okanagan, thus making West-Kelowna the center of all businesses. Special incentives to bring offices to West-Kelowna would be implemented to encourage businesses. More time is wasted in commuting than spent with loved ones. This issue is on the top of my agenda.

6. Creating jobs close to home is key to West-Kelowna's success. What will you do to encourage innovative businesses to locate to West-Kelowna? Virtual offices would be created and companies would be encouraged to embrace new technologies that would make them more efficient. Technology is an important ingredient for success and we need to embrace technology.

7. West-Kelowna is a diverse community in age and ethnic make-up. If elected, what do you plan to do to engage and remain connected to your constituency?


I was an immigrant myself, and I realize the challenges different ethnic groups face. We are an extremely multi-cultural society. I believe that intermingling between different ethnic groups is something this community lacks. I would have events that would encourage the mixing of different groups. Apart from hosting various events throughout the year, I would organize sports events and would work hard to bring in international events to West-Kelowna. Our seniors are always challenged with transportation services. I would work hard to help the seniors with transportation and would encourage them to help volunteer with many cultural events throughout the year. I would also make sure that there is no $15 for wheel-chair accessibility. I would vouch for a society where the neighbors would know their neighbors and would take pride in helping one another, thus standing up to the true meaning of our province, "Beautiful British Colombia".

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